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The Given

by Colin Vearncombe

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released July 4, 2009

Produced by Colin Vearncombe and Andy Patterson

Recorded at The Grange, Ape, Bryn Derwen and Jerusalem Studios.

Engineered by Andy Patterson, David Wrench, Dan Hulme and Dave Williams

Mixed by Andy Patterson and Rafe McKenna

Photography - Jason Lee
Design - Steve Baker
Production - Karen Rainford

© Nero Schwarz 2009



all rights reserved


Black Cork, Ireland

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Track Name: Naked
You might say I'm wastin'
My time is going, gone
I'm only hesitating, between the bouts of holding on
But I am war in the places that used to be cold
I kept all the things that others sold
Going naked again

You might say I'm fadin'
The grace notes of a song
A tune that's going nowhere, but where the other tunes have done
But I am strong in the places that used to be weak
Strong enough to cry and know the reason
Going naked again

I see that I'm changing
Another time has come
A prisoner of the past but only if I turn and run
'cause I can sing the places that others only dream
And I can dream the faces never seen
Going naked again
Track Name: Blondes
If you don't know when or where
Any road will take you there
But won't bring you back again
It was a long road to the top
And a short one to the drop
I do what I can

It's what Jack and Jackie knew
Brigette and Marilyn too
When blondes ruled the world

Back in nineteen forty five
It was just good to be alive
Though we followed skinny shadows in ht edirt
What did I do in the war?
Shaking like a leaf in fall
A player looking or a vote
Love came with a ransom note
Or Worse

Another innocence was through
"Good Luck charm" and "Love me do"
and we were never the same again
And that Jimi got to play
In 'Nam the choppers got to rain
It was like Jack and Jackie knew
Brigette and Marilyn too
When blondes ruled the world

Blondes ruled the world
Track Name: Chapter and Verse
I saw you standing by the 101
holding out your sign
Saying if you want me you'll be mine
Even when I'm gone you'll still hear my lonely song
and you'll want me back

I stared in the rear view mirror and slowed
Pulled on over to the side of the road
Here you come humming walking up to me
a smile on your face that I can't read
and then laying across the hood of your car
You look lonely as a star

Try living as a box-car gypsy
Try sleeping in the dirt
Wake thinking that you can't stand up straight
Spend a lifetime thinking you're cursed
Try living with the low rent crazies
Dealing with the worst
And then you're dancing for the dust bowl hobos
Start drinking somebody gets hurt
You write the prayer book
Chapter and Verse

And I start blinking as we drive towards the sun
Looking at your face
And wondering what you've done that brought you to this place
And what's inside that I can't see would make me want you back

Back hair hanging don to your waist
Not a single line on an ancient face
A look in her eyes I could fall right through
and she asks me:
'What and why do you?
You're not sitting in a car - that's not who you are"
And then she slapped my face
Track Name: Breathing Underwater
It's the silence makes you crazy
Find the action, mine the thrill
I know you will
Amusing smiles, familiar faces
The perfect fiction, the easy pill
I know you will, 'cause I know you

Each ick of your heartbeat takes you further from the point
You make it easy on yourself

Life could be so wonderful
Like loving in the everafter
Breathing Underwater
Life should be so wonderful
Like moving in the up and outward
Breathing Underwater

And you live your life as strangers
To yourselves, your aching souls
The empty holes
Drink to forget you just remember
You have debts no honest man could ever get
Track Name: John Lee Scared
Have you met my girl,
The heart of my world?
Now the part that;s gone
And I'm missing her some
We count the cost
(But) we pay and pay
Spend our whole lives trying for just
one thing we're not afraid to say

If someone's watching, nobody care
Those who care, don't watch 'cause it's always there
Where the shadows run; says our time has come
And I'm John Lee Scared

I can't sit still and I don't want to
If I can't have you, anyone will do

The things I thought
Could always be thought
Had a price too high
For the guessing of why
You trashed my car
And you broke my nose
No, you can't make love honey.
If you've got no soul!

If someone's watching nobody cares
Those who watch 'cause its always there
Where the shadows run; says your time has come
And you're John Lee Scared

Excuse me while I disappear
Anything means nothing
But what you're making it mean
I can't sit still and I don't want to
If I can't have you...anyone will do.
Track Name: Beneath the Radar
Beneath the radar
The sun, moon and stars
I am breathing...
Waiting not only to inhale
I am a form, forgotten
The reaching out and touching
The duetting
To harmonise with stars as
I am breathing
Seeking not only to inhale

Breathing, I will scorch the healing clamour with a stillness
of Breathing
Driving by the beauty or its lacking
There's no going back here

Beneath the radar
I am stronger than I seemed
As lay reeling
Waiting not only to exhale
One wild guess

Breathing, I will scorch the healing clamour with the stillness
Of breathing
Driving by the beauty or its lacking
No going back here

Beneath the radar
Track Name: No Second Chances
Open my heart
I open my heart
Take what my eyes can see
Here are my hands
There are my bags

Saddle up girl
Saddle up girl
Saddle up girl for me
The craziest things..they say the craziest things!

But oh no..
If you go you go for good
When you can you stay away
There no excuse no second chances
And I?
I do what I have to

The rivers run dry
The plains are as wide and high as the eye can see
The strangest things.. I see the strangest things..
Track Name: Misbegotten Child
Ah wish me back where I am from
She was as pretty as a picture
As she laughed and held my hand and kicked my toe...
And she spoke about you

I would have been nowhere but where we were
and it didn't seem to matter if she cared
So thought my heart was flipping, going: do! do! do!
She spoke about you

Misbegotten chile did you throw it all away,
now you try to hide your tears in the pouring rain?
I want to hear those violins, Feel those bumps and bells,
Know the devils groan in hell 'cause
they can't have you

Ah wish me back where I am fron
And take your hands off of my collar!
What you're going through's not what you're supposed to do
She spoke about you

She threw her head back
And she sang out your name
And I wondered what to do
And if I wanted to
So though my heart was flipping over,
gong do! do! do!
She spoke about you

Wish me back where I came from
She was as pretty as a picture
And she laughed and held my hand
and kicked my toe

And she still said "no"