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Blind Faith

by Black

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If I’d known I might never have started On my own Though that’s where the road was That made my heart flip over That made my blood run hot That made my legs start shaking….. Fall into the arms of one who loves you More than he can tell you But knows Where love flows he may follow To the love show If I’d known I was not what I once was Would I fall still For the mess to abuse me? I’ve got much better uses Than what makes your thighs start aching, What makes your blood run hot What makes your heart flip over Over and over and over and over Fall
I like what I like on the outside Putting on pulling off in a big field I like what I like when they’re begging me to stop ‘cause where you won’t go Ain’t worth the knowing Some days there’s nothing in my mind Don’t call me honey I like what I like in a car park In a sheet in a bag in the pitch dark On your hands and knees in the long grass I don’t have a wife , don’t have much money Some days there’s nothing there but time What makes it funny? I like what I like when I’m on top On a roof, the bonnet of a car in a long drop I like what I like in paper On a chair , in a tap , in a sandwich I feel when the tone is shifting I don’t understand what makes it funny Don’t call me honey
Good Liar 03:16
What kind of promises were you hoping for When you chewed me out but still wanted more…. And you pulled me close and whispered That before you can start You must open your heart And let the sky into you Let it flow through you I love you I have loved you from the start Don’t let it come in between us I am alive When I am in love The play of midnight shows you lie Back gasping With a necklace of stars While my guitar weeps a single tear Hands up……I raise both my hands up I’ll wave my standard from the rooftop Of a car If I’m a liar I’m a good one I am alive When I am in love
When I wake up in the morning I can smell you in my hair I can smell you on my pillow Long after you are there Sleep together We sleep together Straight on ‘til darkness shows Let your heart be your witness As we think so we are ; Two fools wishing on a long dead star Sleep I hear you breathe in the dark And I know what you know Let the silent river flow The lovers’ starlit crossfire The dreamers singing “As My Heart is My Witness” I cannot see so far Can’t hide in your arms Let the silent river flow sleep We sleep together
I can’t resist a feeling A soul in need of saving Man in a boat that’s sinking Don’t know what I’m drinking I know just what you’re thinking; that you could do without my aaaahhhhhh………. And I don’t know how Between the preacher and the plough We found the way to where we are Hot dogging in a stolen car Womanly panther Be careful how you use it soldier Don’t have your mind made up for you It’s time to choose Not get it any way you can You come down off the ceiling I see your fingers healing It’s not my heart she’s stealing I know the place they’ve been in I think you’ll find that you’ve got More than you thought you had not If you were tempted from the start The start…….. I must let loose I need to be free Free to do what’s clear What would be toothsome …is a threer! Womanly panther Be careful how you use it soldier Don’t have your mind made up for you It’s time to choose Not get it any way you can Womanly panther My mind was made up for me mama I was born for joy ‘cause I was born a boy and I’ll take it any way I can
Who You Are 02:59
Sunflower 02:14
Sunflower , the harlequin who can’t cry The face upon the mask of time when It turns to look at the sun Moonshine……like Irish eyes unsmiling Begging you to reach inside And show what was before When time overtook you Pulled you and shook you Revealing the acid ,the seed of your secret heart The sunflower It’s time to forget him Burn and regret him Endlessly sleep in the heat of A thousand suns The sunflower
Not The Man 03:22
Who was I for you What does it mean to be the one you want To get what you desire…the coin ,the splash of pearl And then the long goodbye And who knows why? Here comes the talking The settling,the recompense ,the frowning The owning and disowning of Remembering who we are now Who are we really? We make vows and then we change our minds If you still love me I wouldn’t know and I don’t care to guess at What we’ve got left Here comes the talking Slamming doors you then have to throw open For remembering Saying you’re sure you hem and you haw Like we were rivals Running away like we were all afraid of our shadows I am not the man that you want me to be I am not the one you want
Did I do wrong To hurry on… Things moving so fast I couldn’t hold on? I’m the kind of fool That gets offended when I’m lied to Deep breath no shock When everybody tries to We could see stars Walk on rainbows And yet we drive through The ashes of angels Have you heard the one about me? It’s not funny And no-one’s laughing But everybody knows it We could see stars Walk on rainbows And yet we drive through The ashes of angels You didn’t know what you had ‘Til it was gone How many times do We get to hear that song? That song that that song “I didn’t mean to do wrong”!
Stone Soup 03:07
Long on lonely nights And wishing them over With a short run To the next one These are magical lives we get to try We get to run But are we enchanted………no? Then change I change Too long marking time Living on stone soup Can I do What I have to? I will change What I don’t know of is What I must let go of; All that I should leave behind I will change what I must let go of ; Every kiss you receive after this one With everything else I wont do
We’re dreaming if we think we’re more than seeming to Want the things we wanted then but only now Without me or you I’m not pretending that this is everything and ending We can go to hell if that’s where we want to go But why would you? I hear what my heart sings ; it’s over ……. not over We made it Why would we pull it apart? When we remember Holding hands before the altar Slipping the white dress from your shoulders To let it fall like virgin snow I hear what your heart sings; it’s over…not over We made it How could we pull love apart? Sweetheart everything’s colder when you’re gone And in starting over the longer it takes me pushes the answers further away Don’t say it’s over until you know what’s wrong ‘Cause it’s not over until it’s really gone it’s never over until it’s over it’s over
Beautiful 02:32
Summer rain At water’s edge The sunny place before regret Where you stripped me of more than my clothes You held me in your dark desire The one nobody wants to know But you were so beautiful Our time was wonderful Can it be sin When it begins with a smile? The sick romance Then slow decay of Playful lovers in their Lover’s Play Don’t see each other as they are But how they always wanted them ; mirror of Their deepest need ……but You were so beautiful Our time was wonderful When is it sin? If it begins with a smile……….?
Parade 03:02
Go home Lie down Breathe in Breathe out Be here Look up Feel safe Feel warm As all the stars are free to die All the birds are free to fly Tied to the sky Til all the stars and birds are gone Walk on ,walk on Breathe in , breathe out As all the stars are free to die All the birds are free to fly Tied to the sky We gather up the dreams we need to fly But leave with nothing We leave with nothing Walk on , walk on Be here Lie down Breathe in Breathe out Be here Look up Walk on……


released April 13, 2015

Colin Vearncombe: Vocals
Calum MacColl: guitars, flat thing, additional programming, backing vocals
Liam Bradley: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Mikey Rowe: Keyboards
Simon Edwards: bass guitar

String arrangement and extra piano on Good Liar; arrangement & piano on Sunflower : Calum Malcolm
String arrangements on Love Show, When It's Over & Womanly Panther: Ian Stephens
Strings Fixer: Robert McFall

Violins: Laura Comini, Robert McFall and Sijie Chen
Violas: Mark Braithwaite, Rachel Smith and Stephen A King
Cellos: Donald Dillan, Su-a Lee

Recorded and produced by Calum Malcolm
Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Voom! Studio in New Malden, North Berwick and Studio Moricone, Italy
Strings Recorded at Edinburgh Napier University Music Department

All songs written by Calum MacColl and Colin Vearncombe
Colin Vearncombe published by Hornall Brothers Music Ltd
Management Kerry Harvey-Piper at Red Grape Music Ltd

Cover photos by Gisli Snaer
Booklet photos by Andy Patterson and Kerry Harvey-Piper
Artwork concept by Colin Vearncombe
Design and layout by Kitty MacColl at BarkingCat

(P) and © Nero Schwarz 2015.


all rights reserved




Colin Vearncombe, otherwise known as Black, was born in Liverpool on 26 May 1962.

He had three top- ten records across Europe and sold over two million albums before leaving the mainstream and going independent. He released a string of albums as Black and under his own name on his own label; Nero Schwarz.

He died in a motor accident in January 2016. His legacy lives on in the Love, Colin project.
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